Slick Willie Plays...

Classic Rock
Southern Rock
Country (just a little)

Slick Willie is...

Tom Potter - Bass, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Lamar Davis - Guitar, Vocals & Incense

Steve Fillicelli - Drums, Acoustic Bass & Vocals

A Little History...

These guys have known each other longer than they like to admit. Steve and Tom played together in 1980 in the short lived Legal Tender Band and Steve played with Lamar around 1982 in the Coquina Rock Band. All three played together off and on throughout the 80's but not in any bands that existed long enough to play more than two gigs under the same name.

In 1991 Lamar joined the Saddle Band, a top 40 country band riding the wave of the new "young country" line dance craze. Not long after, Lamar suggested Tom for the Bass/Vocalist position that became available and the two Blues/Rock musicians found themselves playing the "Boot Scoot Boogie" for the next seven (7!) years. (Only Tom went as far as to don a cowboy hat and pointy boots). During this time Steve often appeared as a guest percussionist/vocalist with the Saddle Band while putting the finishing touches on his pride and joy: Tomb Studio, a state of the art recording studio built on to his new dream home.

In 1998 Lamar left the Saddle Band and Tom soon followed. It was only a matter of time before Steve, Tom and Lamar found themselves jamming at Tomb Studio and, of course, the result is Slick Willie.

A Reason To Keep On Playing...

Most musicians have spent a period of their life attempting to "make it" or at least forge some type of living off playing music. All musicians who have spent time playing in a band have had to co-exist with, shall we say, non compatible band mates. Realistically, the chances of getting anywhere serious are slim at best and one true rarity is playing in a band where there is some measure of harmony and friendship.

Slick Willie is able to carry on without the major baggage that weigh so many bands down. They don't have to play for a living and they are close friends whose tastes and opinions usually gel with ease. The outcome is easy to see when watching them perform - THEY HAVE FUN!

The combined years of experience is evident when watching these guys, or rather, listening to these guys. The volume is perfect, the mix is room tailored and the dynamics are incredible. They love the live bar scene and maintain a comical often bizarre dialogue with the patrons and staff.

A good time is what it's all about and the reason Slick Willie keeps on playing. Check out Slick Willie Live and make plans for an evening of listening & dancing to great Rock & Blues.